sweat on my nose?

ITS HOT!!!!!!

Not summer time fun in the sun hot, more like get out of the sun before you pass out and burn!  102 deg. are you kidding me?

Oh I forgot, I’m not in SF anymore.

Cheers with my cold apple juice after a long day at work.  Feet up on a pillow, Mar knocked out beside me, pups on their thrones (our pillows).  Its nice to come home to the people (including aminals) that you love.  Helps me shake off the annoyance of the heat + work= hot ass day at work and scrubs just don’t help climatize yours truly.

These are the days where I miss you the most SF… fog all up in my hurrr.

Its okay, how dark can this Sac/Elk Grove sun make me?  Seriously, come on really?  I’m dark already, what are you gonna do? make me golden?  psshhhhh  I will always belong in the “light jacket perhaps a scarf too” weather.

But nature within life is all about adaptation,  and so shall it be.

Please don’t burn my ass tomorrow Sac sun… I’m a newbie.

Can I get some Halo-halo???

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