first time for everything

You may think its:




not worthy to blog about…

But hey, its mines!  So as of Monday morning at 24 hour Fitness, I did it!  After doing laps in the pool I took a shower topless with other women, no doors, no curtains, no hooks for hanging near the shower head.  No shame!  Liberating!

I’m sure you as a reader noted the *topless* part, yes I have yet to work on my bottoms, total nakedness not my forte even as a grown woman. I totally don’t mind seeing naked females ass’d out in the locker room, its just me, uuhmmm shhhiayy.  Mar always told me about how he’s showered with a buncha dudes being in the army, no bottoms included.  But hey, still something new for me.  Just another tally mark I make for myself as life continues to bring on the experiences.

Until tomorrow or whenever something new comes again…

Also I forbid myself from entering steam rooms, its like slow torture x desert game x a million.  No thanks.  Another first for me.

Good night

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