It was nice…

Folks came from our beloved Bay to be here in Sac with us to act out of the norm and enjoy life, Marvin’s life specifically, it was his bday.   We booked a 2 bedroom 2 bath suite at the Marriot Residence Inn in downtown Sac, bravo, bravo.  Great deal.  Kitchen and living area included.  Lets just say that the pricing resembled a regular room with 2 beds in SF.

Mar and I are blessed to have good people who actually want to keep kickin it with us.   We’re used to driving west to go back home and to smell the bay+coastal fog and of course to see out loved ones.  But just something about folks coming out of their area to come to us, just seems a tad more especial.  Yeah Yeah, I know Sac is only an hour and forty mins or so from the Bay bridge… but seemingly so, I am grateful.  I know folks really wanted to come out but could not due to life and events, its all good.  It was nice getting texts about the go’s and no’s regarding attendance.  Thanks for the courtesy.

It was a good weekend.  Sac kept us safe.  The alcohol, although overpriced at times, did its duty.

And of course, thank you to the friendlies, both family and friends who graced us and the city of Sacramento with their amazing personalities and silly tendencies.

All there is now is getting on with life: school & work.

Now what else does this norcal territory have to offer? Hella?

    • anna
    • August 27th, 2010

    fun times man! next time i’ll pay attention to dress code lol. great group of peeps, sac aint ready.

    you know im stealing this picture. profile!

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