“dead like me”

The first series I actually watched solo.

Straight to the point, its about girl dying and she becomes a grim reaper.  These stories told in 2 seasons and movie, all add up to inform and entertain the idea that death/grim reaper live amongst the living, maybe not as mortals, but do a job, have feelings and opinion and most importantly experience a human life in society.  What brought me back to me netflix instant, is the fact that even though the show is based the realities of dying, the drama of it was shown in my opinion, pretty casual.  Sure there was crying, grieving etc etc… but it was the way the acting was directed.   There wasn’t anything so cheesy about the romantic scenes or depressing about the loss of loved ones and friends through tragic fatal events.  There were a incidences when someone sobbed, a couple.   There were references about God or god, more in a sense of him being the top dog.

Pretty much it on the drama factor.

I really felt that this show portrayed death and reaping as casual and detailed as an ordinary person can answer his own question.   It was simple.  People die because its God’s or a god’s plan.  Souls need a way out of the body and a guide to help out, thus the reapers.  These grim reapers are people who can’t really die, but are chosen and go through life until it was their time to go into their light, which supposedly would be heaven.  That’s the way the cookie crumbled.

Favorite part about the show, the language, both bad and smart ass.  The F bomb seemed to be dropped at the perfect times.

Just a quick share on how I used my time here in Sac on my day off.

Its hot.

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