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“dead like me”

The first series I actually watched solo.

Straight to the point, its about girl dying and she becomes a grim reaper.  These stories told in 2 seasons and movie, all add up to inform and entertain the idea that death/grim reaper live amongst the living, maybe not as mortals, but do a job, have feelings and opinion and most importantly experience a human life in society.  What brought me back to me netflix instant, is the fact that even though the show is based the realities of dying, the drama of it was shown in my opinion, pretty casual.  Sure there was crying, grieving etc etc… but it was the way the acting was directed.   There wasn’t anything so cheesy about the romantic scenes or depressing about the loss of loved ones and friends through tragic fatal events.  There were a incidences when someone sobbed, a couple.   There were references about God or god, more in a sense of him being the top dog.

Pretty much it on the drama factor.

I really felt that this show portrayed death and reaping as casual and detailed as an ordinary person can answer his own question.   It was simple.  People die because its God’s or a god’s plan.  Souls need a way out of the body and a guide to help out, thus the reapers.  These grim reapers are people who can’t really die, but are chosen and go through life until it was their time to go into their light, which supposedly would be heaven.  That’s the way the cookie crumbled.

Favorite part about the show, the language, both bad and smart ass.  The F bomb seemed to be dropped at the perfect times.

Just a quick share on how I used my time here in Sac on my day off.

Its hot.



I’m sick.  Finally, the germs from the little kiddies have gotten me.  My immune system was reining supreme, key word: was.  Wont be able to good to my girl’s bday din din… sigh with regret.  Ice cream and sushi, I know she’ll have a blast.

Happy Saturday folks.  At home with my snoring dogs.  Mar is out, rejoicing in his new found love: Paula, his new naked motorcycle.  He actually went riding with a new bud from my beloved CI.  Two dudes riding together, infested in black leather.  Cute.  While here I lay, hair in nest and I like it.

At least I have my laptop and cozy whatever hundred count sheets that allow me to relax on my days off.  I love my house that I will be leaving soon.  But I will be embarking in a new adventure, new chapter in life that I’ve been waiting for but somehow seem to dread by the hour.  All in good faith, this is the path that God wants me to paint.

Cough, ahhh, swallow, ugh, cough, spit.  Lets go antioxidants!

Nothing heals the body more than being at home.

with a head start…

Its on.

Goal: lose 5 lbs.  by last week of May.  Another 5 by mid June.

Why?:  Tired of looking at myself and wishing I looked like I did before last October.

Just 5 you say?  That’s plenty of time you say?

Yeah it does sound that way but I’m at a certain plateau, and once you hit…its harder to lose and to burn at a plateau than when one has just started to work out.

Low carb lunches  to no carb dinners,  protein, cardio and will power hear I come!!  Then comes crossfit, then comes muscles.  And for once in my life… try and improve my running.

Yeah so I started 2 days earlier… just a short head start.  Gotta prepare for the massive amount of soreness that comes when your muscles start to scream: “Wake up!!! She’s working out again!!”

Current status:  Yes, it hurts to walk, bend and turn over.  I love it.

First buy:  Reebok Easy tones


A good one with Danielle today. Boulevard Cafe is pretty good… super clean and food is especially good and totally afforable!

We talked about the jobs we don’t have hahahaha.

I understand that the need to cut back new grad programs are a must due the humongous debt our homes and lives are breathing through everyday. But it would be nice to achieve what you’ve been working for when you were suppose to get it. Get it? Everyone talks about how you’re suppose to work hard, finish school, do something with your life… and yet here I am on standby because the society that told me to work hard to succeed is actually keeping me at limbo because no one can afford to hire me.

Mar tell me just to get a temp job at Hooters. I prefer something medically involved. Perhaps being a dog walker would be fun.

Sigh. I’ll go read a book. Paint my nails. Make some coffee. Work out. Nap.

Lunch was good. It got one of those “Best of the Bay” award thingies.

Clear to Cloudy

When things start to feel sturdy… my leg gives in and I hear someone say “you’re hungry.”

Big things are coming. And only by the grace of God… through the vessel of myself and team, will the challenges and risks result in love and warmth. I think I’m ready for another struggle… i think?.. its kinda too late to turn back now. Here I go.. excuse me.. I meant.. here WE go.

Norcal Christmas Institute 2009


Its actually hot. September is usually dc/sf warmest month of the year. yes yes the rest of the bay area is another world of weather. I’ve been forced to limit my gym time and do squats and lunges at home… here I am in my living room staring at the back of my nephews head while he stares at sponge bob and patrick. Sip sip sippin on juicy juice. The kid makes me laugh… and he calls refrigerator magnets: stickers.

To be young and have power over your parents.

btw. I can’t stop thinking about one of my favorite candies of all time…


a cup of joe

mmmm. good morning. why does a cup of anything make people reflect? i’ll give it a try.

i love it when my dogs follow me around the house and when they snuggle up against me during nap time. btw im broke. its not easy being broke but its easy to get here. i remember working all throughout high school and the first half of college, but dammmn gina. being broke while your 24 blows. sacrifice sacrifice right? yeah i totally believe that now. but it sure was irritating not being able to shop like i used to. so i become simple. and i like. i manage.

i gym it. 5am. 5x a week. when you’re a morning person it works. as i gain muscle, i feel more like a man. i want angela basset arms. so i started doing the rowing machine like a bazillion meters, and now my chest and kili kili are sore. so i complain to mar that my boobs are going to get smaller with this workout… and i don’t have much bodily tissue to spare to begin with! beauty knows no pain…

time to open my mind, take a breath, and absorb necessary knowledge from my friend kaplan.

can i get a refill please?

coffee poster