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Its been almost 3 months.

Can’t help to feel like its been 3 years.  But I guess that’s what happens you people start ditching the “boyfriend” name tag and back stroking to “husband.”  Yes that’s how I put it.  Back stroking.  To travel towards a goal, at ones own speed and aggressiveness, but not seeing the outcome.

Its been a tough, lovey dovey, weird, confusing, tiring, empowering, nurturing, new, old, and God given experience…so far.

Big things are a comin and I hope we meet our goals toe to toe.



to wed

Yes. Mar has done it. We are engaged. Presenting out loud via facebook notifications.

People responded with their usual “congrats” and “its about time.” But I sincerely did feel the love and support even if it were in a text message or through the technological powers of social networking. Thank you. Thank my Lord and Savior for blessing with a job. Though it doesn’t come with the expected perks and benefits of being an RN, the fulfillment and thoughts of making a difference is a sure guarantee. So thank you double. Its a stepping stone, and now a days those stones are a rarity.

We have decided upon giving ourselves a special day. Away from our prior plans of having a simple and quiet wedding, we now hope for a celebration that is well deserved for the struggle and hoping we have walked blindly through in our relationship. Watching Say Yes to the Dress and constantly browsing doesn’t help maintain the idea of “simple and quiet wedding” as well. So now we have it. Though far from being at platinum status, we do strive to make it as much as possible, an awesome day just for us and for the few many people that we know who actually give a damn.

-We aim for June 2011.
-Theme… color palette that I adore.
-Flowers… main focus is calla lilies, regular sized, minis, colored and white, and whatever else is in season/CHEAP
-Location… Sacramento, CA
-Liza: Wedding details
-Mar: Open bar.