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mommy’s scrubs

Job has been going well… thank you Lord!I’m starting to feel comfortable in my skin as a newbie and certainly cannot wait till my skills become so fit that walking and suctioning are at the same level of simplicity.  No more student with the super white scrubs and cute stethoscope shuffling around in her tired old pumas.  Nope nope. Its me with colored scrubs, still cute stethoscope, and Nikes.  Okay okay, yes its true… I wear my moms old scrubs.  She doesn’t use them anymore being that she is a Kasier gal.  Kasier is all bluish, no otha cula.  She has a bazillion of them, prints and solids galore!  Super cute ones too I may add and can’t forget the matching coats.  Hi5 mommy for the hello kitty and panda bears.  Delta?  My cutie madre is only 5’3 and I am a blessed 5’7.  Provided the obvious, time for this newbie to get her own scrubs.  I bought a nurse uniform dress for my graduation, even though I may never wear it to work, it felt awesome on my skin.  Like new working skin.  Best part?  scrubs are cute, can be sexy, and most importantly COMFY.   Beat that stilettos!

(Hello Kitty Crocs- not mines, but would love to own them)(ps.  not doggin the stilettos, I’m a fan… I love Sex in the City and if I were a worker gal in the city I’d be blogging about a whole different story)

So the start of my career moves on hopefully toward some new fitting scrub pants…

Goodnight Bay Area… and thanks for stopping by.


sliding the time card

I just did my first full shift at the center yesterdau.  Training, but I still got a good jist on how the the place flows.  SO many things to learn and to mold into a routine.  Hmmm just hope I can do it with ease, I know I can do it.  I am grateful for the kindness of the others who give care and I am thankful for the opportunity.

The facility is for children with a certain special need.  Regardless of the children’s diagnosis, there’s a spark about them that blends well with innocence.   There’s just something about providing a service to others… even when fragility is a common character, their smiles are as bright as the most comforting color.  Basically… happy.

Till later this evening.

if i could i would…

Commission David Choe or Sam Flores… even Frank Morrrison, and Jonathan Levine to do some pieces around my house.

Have a super healthy metabolism and be able to eat a truck load of lemon bars, white chocolate truffles, langka ice cream, cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bars…of course after I devour a butt load of rice and lechon kawali..with the brown sauce ahuh please believe.

Wear boots and sexier clothing because I’ve reached the body image of the ultimate level of crossfit..(yeah right!).

Go on a year long medical mission to the motherland.

Be offered the Nurse Manager position at UCSF PICU… but turn it down to maintain my bedside manner. Then in two years be offered the position again and accept it.

Have the power of Jean Gray without her weaknesses.

Drink wine with my filet mignon any day of the week.

Buy a house in Tuscany and live out the story of Under The Tuscan Sun… excluding the part about divorce.

Be 5’9

Get more dogs: German Shepherd named “Maxie” – Goldren Retriever named “Hiro” – Bulldog named “Big Al” – Pekingese named “Sexy” and a Basset Hound named “Mosely.”

Even get a persian cat and call him “Mogwai”.

Commission Genentech to clone my pets before they die.

Have real life Totoro, and Ewok Wicket as my friends.

Have a Giant Robot store in my garage extension.

Buy my dad a ranch with room for my horse “Rainbow Bright” to run around.

Help find the cure for cancer.

Do hand stand push ups.

Have Brian Mcknight sing to me at our wedding… followed by Natalie Cole singing “Inseparable.”

Buy my sister a restaurant and have her be on food network. Free food for life!

Swim with the dolphins… maybe a mermaid too.

I WILL continue to do good things in my lifetime and people will remember those things, and in turn do good after… and so on.

Also…smack Lady Gaga and tell her: “I admire abstract and original styles… but bitch you crazy.”