mommy’s scrubs

Job has been going well… thank you Lord!I’m starting to feel comfortable in my skin as a newbie and certainly cannot wait till my skills become so fit that walking and suctioning are at the same level of simplicity.  No more student with the super white scrubs and cute stethoscope shuffling around in her tired old pumas.  Nope nope. Its me with colored scrubs, still cute stethoscope, and Nikes.  Okay okay, yes its true… I wear my moms old scrubs.  She doesn’t use them anymore being that she is a Kasier gal.  Kasier is all bluish, no otha cula.  She has a bazillion of them, prints and solids galore!  Super cute ones too I may add and can’t forget the matching coats.  Hi5 mommy for the hello kitty and panda bears.  Delta?  My cutie madre is only 5’3 and I am a blessed 5’7.  Provided the obvious, time for this newbie to get her own scrubs.  I bought a nurse uniform dress for my graduation, even though I may never wear it to work, it felt awesome on my skin.  Like new working skin.  Best part?  scrubs are cute, can be sexy, and most importantly COMFY.   Beat that stilettos!

(Hello Kitty Crocs- not mines, but would love to own them)(ps.  not doggin the stilettos, I’m a fan… I love Sex in the City and if I were a worker gal in the city I’d be blogging about a whole different story)

So the start of my career moves on hopefully toward some new fitting scrub pants…

Goodnight Bay Area… and thanks for stopping by.

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